Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Veteran Owned & Operated 

Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Board members of a community care greatly in making sure that their community is not only a desired place for them and their neighbors to live but is maintained properly so that it retains and builds value when a decision to sell that real estate comes to fruition. We understand the burden and responsibility you agreed to and face when voted into office. We have had many meetings with board members and know from experience that one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that reserve funds are available when, not if, a community needs to have the roofs replaced. 

This major expenditure, that is inevitable, can deplete those funds quickly: or even worse, there may not even be enough money when that happens.

You can schedule a detailed and complimentary on-site consultation with us for either of these scenarios:

  • You have already filed a claim with your insurance company and want us to inspect your property to verify if there is damage from a covered peril or not, review your insurance policy(ies) to inform you of coverage gaps or issues, and to get an idea of how this claim
    would move forward and if it’s in your favor to do so with us representing you.
  • You are proactive and want us to inspect the property now in order to either provide
    peace of mind that there is no damage currently (and document that) or if there is a loss to your property, know that it would be worthy of filing a claim. We will also review
    your policy(ies) to make sure that if you were to file a claim now or when you file a claim in the future, you have the proper coverages.

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