Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Veteran Owned & Operated 

Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Veteran roofing companies like you know that they have been restricted more and more by legislation regarding insurance claims; and as such, they have engaged the services of a public adjuster.

If you are considering adding to or replacing the one that you are using now, it’s probably because of one or more of these reasons: 

  • Claims taking too long to resolve and/or most have gone to an attorney.
  • Little or poor communication with yourself or your customers.
  • Your reputation has been somewhat tainted by your affiliation with your current P.A.
  • You have lost business as a result of your customer choosing another roofer.

Our firm can handle almost any kind of loss; however, we have chosen to specialize in wind and hail claims; and as such, cater primarily to roofing contractors:  we consider you, our customer.  

Many of our roofing contractors originally believed that using our services meant giving up some of their profit margins but found out that our services produced greater ones.  Here are some of the things we do that will motivate you to reach out to work with you:

  • We settle approximately 80% of our claims without litigation.
  • We settle claims on average in 68 days. 
  • We protect your money!
  • We set expectations, explain timelines, and have 24/7 live and automated claim updates:  providing first class customer service. 

You can rest assured that Graystone Adjusting is unlike any other firm you have either worked with or heard of and we understand that you may be skeptical:  and you should be – frankly.  Our goal is to build long term relationships, and the only way for that to happen is for you to trust us initially and invite us to work with you on the insurance claim business that you have.  We absolutely value and appreciate that first leap of faith in trusting us with your customers and will absolutely never take that for granted nor fail to deliver.   

Give us a few minutes and we'll give you all of our resources and experience to help your business. 

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