Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Veteran Owned & Operated 

Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Successful and experienced management companies know that it is difficult to sometimes get HOA’s to act in their own best interests’; and the ones that take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one, continue to be sought out by other communities as a result of that level and caliber of management. 

We develop relationships with management companies just like you, to be a resource of yours which separates you from other management companies. We do this by offering detailed, on-site inspections of all multi-family properties that you manage with accompanying reports for you to present to all of your HOA boards.

We provide this at a nominal cost; and if any of the properties we inspect have damages that are a result of a covered loss, waive that upon engaging us to represent the community in a claim against the insurance carrier.

Your community may already have an existing claim, and that is the reason you are visiting our
website; and if so, we invite you to reach out to us and schedule an on-site inspection. We will
inspect your property to verify if there is damage from a covered peril or not, review your
insurance policy(ies) to inform you of coverage gaps or issues, correspondence from the
insurance company, and to get an idea of how this claim would move forward and if it’s in your
favor to do so with us representing your community.

Give us a few minutes and we'll give you all of our resources and experience to help your business. 

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