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Public Adjusters catering
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Fire Damage

Almost nothing is more devastating than fire damage for home and business owners. While large fire losses are devastating and complex, small fire losses can be just as disruptive and complex. Small fires are far more common and usually start as a result of cooking. Candles, cigarettes, electrical issues, and lightning are all causes of fire as well, but the vast majority of fire losses are centered around stovetop cooking.

Small fires or fires that are contained to one room have direct fire damage to the property and structure in that room. While the fire may have been contained to one room, the remainder of the home or business is affected as well. Smoke and soot will have contaminated the remainder of the property and the contents inside.  When the fire is not put out by the property owner, the fire department will extinguish with water. When this is the case, there will also be extensive damage from the water. Altogether, fire losses leave the property owner with a great deal to navigate. An insurance claims adjuster will guide you through the entire process. The most typical concerns are listed below:

  • How to repair the fire damage?
  • How to clean the remainder of the home?
  • How to handle the possible toxins involved?
  • How to dry the water damage?
  • How to remove the odor?
  • How to clean the furniture?
  • How to clean the clothing?
  • How to determine the value of destroyed furnishings?
  • Where to live during repairs?