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Whether a new, denied, delayed or underpaid claim, we will never let you walk alone. It’s time settle your claim!

Fighting for the policyholder


At Graystone Adjusting, our core mission extends beyond simple representation; we empower policyholders with  valid property insurance claims. Our expertise dismantles the overwhelming advantage traditionally held by insurance companies, ensuring a fair and just process for our clients. Recognized nationwide for our commitment to integrity and results, Graystone has become a beacon of trust for policyholders and a vital partner for roofing contractors.

We’ve broadened our horizons, transforming our specialization in wind and hail damage claims into a diverse portfolio of property claim solutions. Homeowners, HOA & management companies, and small businesses benefit from our comprehensive approach to loss recovery, no matter the cause. With Graystone Adjusting, excellence in property claim resolution isn’t just a service—it’s our promise.

Easy Claims Process

The Graystone Adjusting team brings a rich tapestry of experience in general contracting, roofing, and insurance claim adjustment to the forefront of our services. This multifaceted expertise not only empowers us with exceptional ability in claim resolution but also fortifies our commitment to safeguard and support our clients at every stage of the claim process. With Graystone, you’re not just hiring an adjuster; you’re gaining a steadfast advocate dedicated to navigating the complexities of your claim with precision and care.


We meet with you to understand the history of your property damage. Your policy is reviewed for coverage obstacles. We inspect and document your damage. A detailed photo report and repair estimate is created. The whole package is sent to the insurance company and the claim is opened.
Reviewing Documents About Home Damages

Adjuster Inspection

A field adjuster is assigned by your insurance company to inspect your damage. We meet this adjuster to review the estimate we created and to make sure he/she is dealing directly with us. We represent your interests at this meeting and we make certain that all aspects of the loss are known by your insurance company.


Your insurance company will initially offer a denial or a low estimate value in hopes of settling your claim. We will discuss this offer and negotiate what has been missed and/or underpaid.
Contractor Measuring A Wall

Claim Settlement

This is the final step of the process: after a proper damage value has been negotiated, it is now time to get you paid. More often than not, a mortgage company is included as a payee on your settlement check. We work through the process of clearing the mortgage company off the check and making the funds available to you.

How we help you with your claim

For over a decade, Graystone Adjusting has helped thousands of clients fight for their claim

Contractor On Phone Inspecting The Roof

Roofing Contractors

For over a decade, we have built trust within the roofing community. Our commitment is to redefine this landscape, offering unparalleled reliability and trust through our expert services.

Residential Property Claims

Whether you are a homeowner with a single-family home or an investment fund with thousands of properties in your portfolio we got you covered.
A Damaged Commercial Building

Commercial Property Claims

From multi-family apartments to offices, industrial and retail buildings we got you covered. We have also completed claims for special-purpose industries such as schools, hospitals, and religious institutions.

Why choose us

At Graystone Adjusting, our professionals are committed to providing you with personalized guidance at every turn of the claims process. We devote the time to delve into your unique situation, ensuring we comprehend your specific needs. Our approach is to craft a customized strategy that is meticulously tailored to your circumstances, from the initial assessment to the final resolution. With us, you receive more than just assistance; you gain a partner who’s invested in securing the best possible outcome for your claim.

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