Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Veteran Owned & Operated 

Public Adjusters catering
to the roofing industry

Graystone’s mission is to consistently represent policyholders that have a valid property insurance claim, by offsetting the huge advantage insurance companies have over everyone.
Our commitment to this, and the results we have for our clients, has positioned us into becoming a nationally trusted firm and resource:  especially for roofing contractors.  We specialize in property claim resolution for homeowners, HOA & management companies, and small businesses that have had a loss occur from wind or hail damage.  This is all we do and are experts at it.
Our team has an extensive background in general contracting, roofing, and insurance claim adjustment; and this diverse experience allows us to not only resolve claims with an unparalleled ability, but also ensures that we will guide and protect our clients through the entire claim process.  

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Easy Claims Process


We meet with you to understand the history of your property damage. Your policy is reviewed for coverage obstacles. We inspect and document your damage. A detailed photo report and repair estimate is created. The whole package is sent to the insurance company and the claim is opened.

Adjuster Inspection

A field adjuster is assigned by your insurance company to inspect your damage. We meet this adjuster to review the estimate we created and to make sure he/she is dealing directly with us. We represent your interests at this meeting and we make certain that all aspects of the loss are known by your insurance company.


Your insurance company will initially offer a denial or a low estimate value in hopes of settling your claim. We will discuss this offer and negotiate what has been missed and/or underpaid.

Claim Settlement

This is the final step of the process: after a proper damage value has been negotiated, it is now time to get you paid. More often than not, a mortgage company is included as a payee on your settlement check. We work through the process of clearing the mortgage company off the check and making the funds available to you.

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