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About Graystone Adjusting

Graystone Adjustings mission is to consistently represent policyholders that have a valid property insurance claim, by offsetting the huge advantage insurance companies have over everyone.

Why Choose Graystone Adjusting?

We cater exclusively to roofing contractors; and as such, only provide claim resolution for 3 types of clients: Homeowners, HOA/Management Companies & Small Business Owners. Our primary focus is wind and hail claims that may or may not have minor water intrusion. We are experts in this area of the insurance loss industry.

Our Approach

Our team members have personally dealt with the same losses that you have and know exactly how you feel. This motivates us to resolve your claim in the quickest timeframe possible while maximizing the highest possible settlement amount so that you can put your life back together. Thank you for trusting Graystone Adjusting with your claim.

The Graystone Affect

We level the “playing field” in a very carrier sided industry; where individual or commercial policyholders, are consistently denied or underpaid on claims that are covered perils. We will convey to the client if they do not have a valid claim and why; but if they do, we will meticulously and properly assess and determine the cause of that damage. This determination comes from physical inspections on site by our Licensed Adjusters that are experienced and trained in finding and identifying what is a covered loss vs. non-covered according to the policy limits and definitions. Our estimates, showing the scope of work and costs, are supported by numerous data points such as weather reports, photographs, moisture readings from specialized equipment, comparative damages in nearby areas, and coupled with collaborative knowledge and training in the areas of construction and weather.

Follow Through

We are fanatical about details, as they position us to estimate your loss fully and then; by understanding and using state statutes that compel the insurance companies’ to properly indemnify you, properly and thoroughly present and represent your loss. We have done this for thousands of clients and will do the same for you!