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Commercial or residential hail damage


Ensuring no hailstone impact goes undocumented, Graystone Adjusting is ready to champion your hail claim. Let us advocate on your behalf today.

Commercial buildings damaged by hail.

Following a hail event, it’s crucial to meticulously document any visible damage to your commercial property. Promptly capture photographs of areas you suspect have been impacted by hail, paying close attention to signs of dents, dimples, chips, and even holes resulting from hail strikes. Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to damage from hail impacts, often incurring more severe damage compared to pitched roofs. We advise contacting Graystone Adjusting right after experiencing a hail event for a thorough inspection of your building. This proactive approach ensures that all potential damages are accurately assessed and addressed.

It's hail. It's on the roof.

Residential homes damaged by hail.

Hail damage can lead to significant repair costs for homeowners, often amounting to thousands of dollars. In the wake of a residential hail storm, homeowners and property owners are confronted with challenging and intricate decisions. The damage can affect various aspects of a property, including roof leaks, siding, windows, HVAC units, and other building materials. These issues become particularly pressing in the context of hail claims, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and prompt action to address the damages incurred.

We worked with hail damage to all types of roofing systems.

For over a decade, Graystone Adjusting has specialized in representing both residential and commercial properties affected by hail damage. Throughout this time, we have managed claims involving a wide variety of roofing systems. Our extensive experience equips us with the expertise needed to accurately identify and assess hail damage across different roofing materials. 

Flat Roofing

Tile Roofing

Shingle Roofing

Metal Roofing

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