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Do you have mold in your home?

Mold Removal And Remediation May Be Covered By Your Insurance. Call Us To Check If You’re Covered!

Understanding the mold remediation process

We are your guide through the mold remediation process. We help get you the money you need to remove the mold. See if your mold is covered.

We start with a FREE mold inspection.

Contact us any time, day or night, to talk about your mold damage. We’ll make efforts to pinpoint the origin of the mold.

Mold testing recommendation

Testing should be conducted by a licensed and certified technician. Subsequently, the samples are dispatched to an accredited lab for thorough analysis.

Recover the money for your mold

We get you the money you need to remove and remediate the mold.

Removing the mold

We assist in recommending and selecting a licensed and qualified mold remediation company that meets your needs.

Hidden mold behind the wall.

In handling claims involving both water damage and mold, we meticulously document affected areas, including drywall, wood framing, baseboards, insulation, air ducts, and HVAC systems, among others. Distinguishing between damages caused by water and those resulting from mold is crucial for understanding the limits of your policy. To accurately identify and map the extent of water damage, we utilize advanced tools such as thermal cameras and moisture meters. This precise approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of your claim.

Below is an actual case of a mold claim we handled

Mold and Water Damage


This homeowner experienced a leak from a plumbing supply line beneath their home’s slab. While some of the resulting water damage was not immediately visible, we employed advanced equipment to locate and identify the impacted areas. Following this, we suggested engaging a licensed mold testing company to conduct tests in these areas. The samples collected were analyzed by a laboratory, confirming the presence of mold. We are now representing this homeowner in their insurance claim, ensuring they receive the comprehensive support and advocacy needed to address the issue.

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Graystone Adjusting has settled over 200 million in commercial and residential claims with over a decade in business. Don’t settle for less, get the money you deserve. Fight for your claim!