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Feeling like the insurance company is low balling you?

Don’t Settle For The Insurance Adjuster’s Low Offer.

A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on their behalf. A public adjuster could dramatically increase your Hurricane Ian payout.

Hire an adjuster that represents you, NOT the insurance company

Insurance Companies Spend Millions On Advertising And Celebrity Sponsors To Make You Think You Can Trust Them To Do The Right Thing When The Time Comes. But They Only Care About One Thing: Profit.
Residential Loss – Hurricane

Insurance Company


Graystone Recovery:

2,815% Increase

Residential Loss – Hurricane

Insurance Company


Graystone Recovery:

1,139% Increase

Commercial Loss – Hurricane

Insurance Company


Graystone Recovery:

354% Increase

Commercial Apartment – Hurricane

Insurance Company


Graystone Recovery:

1,245% Increase

Business Claim – Good Year 

Insurance Company


Graystone Recovery:

716% Increase

Get An Adjuster Who Works For You. Get The Settlement You Deserve

Insurance companies hire their own adjusters to estimate the value of your damages. But their adjusters don’t have your best interest at heart.

They work for the Insurance company, and oftentimes cut corners to save the company money. They’re notorious for underpaying, avoiding, and even denying claims.

With Graystone Adjusting, you’ll have an adjuster who works for you, not the insurance company! We handle the entire claim process on your behalf, and fight for the maximum settlement amount you’re entitled to.

Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. Get a public adjuster!

Honesty and Transparency When You Need It Most

We Understand The Devastation That Hurricane Ian Has Caused To Our Community. That’s Why We Keep Our Process Transparent And Straightforward. Here’s How It Works:

Insurance Claim Consultation

Call us today. Our licensed adjusters will carefully review and analyze your insurance policy including any endorsements, exclusions, and limitations to help develop the best claim strategy for your situation moving forward.


Property Inspection & Documentation

Our public adjusters will identify damages that may have gone unseen by yourself, your team, and your insurance company’s adjuster. We use state-of-the-art equipment to assist in identifying and mapping damage. We document every single detail.


Claim Estimate &

We handle the heavy lifting. Our experienced team will prepare a comprehensive claim package involving repair and replacement estimates of your damages that are backed by industry trade vendors and expert reports.

Pay When We Win

Claim Negotiation & Settlement

With our aggressive claim strategy and a detailed claim package, our skilled negotiators fight for the maximum claim payout possible. We ensure that all your rights under the policy are met with the best possible outcome on your claim.

Pay When We Win

What is a public adjuster?

Settle Your Hurricane Ian Claim For The Maximum Amount. Contact Us For A Free Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We can help homeowners, property managers, business owners, and real estate investors who have suffered property damage. We handle claims of any size!

Yes, Many of our adjusters live in Cape Coral FL, and the surrounding areas. 

Yes! Insurance companies may use scare tactics to discourage you from hiring a public adjuster – but you are absolutely within your rights to hire a public adjuster.

Absolutely not! You are allowed to have a public adjuster represent you during the claims process. The insurance company and their adjusters will say anything to discourage you from hiring a public adjuster because they know they’ll have to pay you more. Don’t let the insurance company control your claim and don’t let them underpay you!

You should always call a public adjuster first before you call your insurance company. A public adjuster will be able to provide guidance as to whether you should file a claim or not, how to properly report your claim, and the proper steps to mitigate your loss. If you call your insurance company first they will automatically file a claim and provide you with a claim number.


Having a public adjuster on your side directly after a loss will alleviate the stress and guide you through the process step by step. They will file the claim on your behalf, they will provide guidance on the mitigation process, meet with the insurance adjuster and document the damages from the beginning. Many times bringing in a public adjuster months after a loss can cause problems as damaged items have been cleaned up or removed without proper documentation, statements by the insured could have been misinterpreted and documents, not provided to the insurance company on time.

Although a public adjuster can be hired at any point during the claim, you should call a public adjuster directly after any loss before you call your insurance company.

Having a public adjuster from the beginning provides you with an immediate advantage on your claim. The proper filing of your insurance claim and date of loss, documenting the damages properly, and using tools that detect hidden moisture and the extent of damage will ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to under the insurance policy. 

Insurance adjusters represent the insurance company. They are typically paid a salary and are direct employees of the insurance carrier. These adjusters are called “company adjusters”. When insurance companies require additional resources in adjusting their claims, they typically will contract out the adjusting portion of the claim to an “independent adjusting” firm or TPA (Third Party Administrator). These independent adjusting firms are paid contracted fees based on their performance of claim exposure. At the end of the day, both the independent adjuster and company adjuster represent the insurance company only.

The public adjuster strictly works for the consumer or policyholder. Think of their service as a private adjuster working specifically for you, the insured! Public Adjusters work to recover the maximum benefit for their clients given the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. The public adjuster charges a small fee related to the recovery of the insurance claim payout or settlement. Studies have shown that public adjusters can significantly increase an insurance claim as opposed to a policyholder handling their property damage claim on their own directly with the insurance company.

Both a public adjuster and an attorney play an important role in the claims process. Most insurance claims can be resolved without the need for an attorney or litigation. The policyholder and the public adjuster should first try to amicably resolve the claim with the insurance company. Should the insurance company act in bad faith or reach an impasse then an alternative dispute resolution can be used such as retaining an attorney. If an attorney is used he or she will still need a public adjuster to document the loss with supporting evidence. A public adjuster and an attorney work in tandem with each other. The public adjuster firm should have excellent relationships with the law firms that handle first-party litigation involving property damage.
We are usually hired on a contingency fee bases, which means if you don’t get paid, we get paid when you win. In the rare case that we don’t win, then our service is free.

When the insurance company sends the check – until then, you won’t owe us a penny.