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Public Adjusters Specializing in Hurricane Damage

Documenting damages to negotiation insurance policy ambiguities, our team will guide your claim every step of the way.

Residential Hurricane Claims

In the wake of a disaster, many homeowners find themselves unprepared for the immediate and overwhelming challenges that arise. The urgency to address property damage—ranging from food spoilage due to power outages and fallen trees to more severe issues like blown roof shingles, exposed roof sheathing, and water intrusion leading to potential mold growth—cannot be overstated.

A seasoned public adjuster, like those at Graystone Adjusting, possesses the keen insight to identify and address complex issues that may not be immediately apparent to homeowners or insurance companies. Such problems can become increasingly difficult to assess and document after initial repairs have been made. Yet, structural and other non-cosmetic damages from events such as hurricanes demand attention until they are fully resolved. This underscores the importance of engaging a public adjuster early in the claim process, ensuring a thorough and fair assessment of all damages to secure the restoration of your property to its pre-loss condition.

Commercial Hurricane Claims

Hurricane damage can introduce a myriad of complicated challenges for business owners. Immediate concerns such as inventory loss, employee retention, operational shutdowns, power failures, roof damage, compromised building exteriors, and water penetration causing significant damage to interiors and alterations necessitate prompt action to prevent further detriment to your business.

A proficient commercial hurricane damage insurance claim public adjuster, like those at Graystone Adjusting, is equipped to uncover and address critical issues that might elude both business owners and insurance companies. Early intervention by a public adjuster is crucial for a comprehensive evaluation of the damages, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Graystone Adjusting offers expert support for commercial property owners dealing with new, underpaid, or even denied claims, facilitating a smoother recovery process and helping secure your business’s future.

Your insurance company has an adjuster. Ask yourself, should have your own adjuster?

Graystone Adjusting has settled over 200 million in commercial and residential claims with over a two decades in experience. Don’t settle for less, get the money you deserve. Fight for your claim!